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Here are some Hyper Police wallpapers, most created by myself. I hope you like them ^_^

Hyper Police Manga (217K JPG)

Sheikh Batanen's Harem (127K JPG)

Swimsuits (109K JPG)

Hyper Police Manga 2 (159K JPG)

Give That Back! (115K JPG)

Bosom Buddies... (127K JPG)

You can find more Hyper Police wallpapers at the following sites:

Anime Genesis | Abstract Anime | anime.dapond.com | animewallpapers.com


A selection of audio samples from Episode 1. I originally downloaded these from Anime Shrine - if anyone knows who created these please let me know, so I can credit them.

hp-ays.wav (361K WAV)Natsuki & Sakura: "Hyper Police, at your service!"
hp-uturn.wav (174K WAV)Batanen: "Natsuki, U-turn da." Natsuki: "Hai, sempai." Man from shop: "You asshole!"
hp-eyeca.wav (72K WAV)Eyecatch tune, played when the episode title is shown.
hp-forgi.wav (259K WAV)Natsuki: "Doing things like that... I won't forgive you!"
hp-bount.wav (194K WAV)Natsuki: "I'm Bounty Hunter, Natsuki Sasahara. Ha ha. How cool!"
hp-hurt.wav (71K WAV)Natsuki: "Sempai!!" Batanen: "What's wrong? Does it hurt somewhere?"
hp-liste.wav (93K WAV)Sound of Natsuki cleaning herself. Boss: "Are you listening Natsuki-kun?". Natsuki: "Hai!"
hp-i_m_n.wav (117K WAV)Natsuki, "I'm really glad to meet you. I'm Natsuki Sasahara."
hp-baka.wav (59K WAV)Natsuki, "Baka-baka-baka! Watashi no baka-baka-baka!"


There is MPEG video of the Hyper Police opening at Chumkins.Net.

Note: Since Hyper Police has been commercially released in the US, links to download full episodes have been removed. Thank you for your understanding.


MP3 files of the series opening and ending themes are available for download:-

That's Hypertension! (3.9MB MP3)Hyper Police Opening Theme
Hey Hold Up! (3.8MB MP3)Hyper Police Ending Theme


There are very few Hyper Police Winamp skins on the net. This is about the best one I've found. If anyone knows who created this, please email me so I can credit them.
A set of small, but very cute Hyper Police buddy icons for AIM. Many thanks to Elvy! ^_^