In the devilish criminal town Shinjuku, there is a civilian structure to hunt criminals. In it, a capable pair, Natsuki and Sakura. They are called "Hyper Police".
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In the year 22 H. C. (Holy Century), Humans are an endangered species, and Shinjuku is now a town populated with demons, goblins and monsters. Crime runs rampant, and so together with the national police force, private police forces have been founded to maintain public peace and order.


Hyper Police is a Japanese animation TV series, based on a manga by the artist MEE. It's an anthropomorphic comedy which follows the adventures of Natsuki Sasahara, a half-human / half-catbeast bounty hunter with magical powers. Pictured alongside Natsuki is Sakura, a Kyubi Fox (nine-tailed magical fox-creature), who joins Natsuki in hunting criminals, but plots to steal her powers...

The series was one of the first of a number of "midnight anime" (other examples included Haunted Junction) broadcast in late-night timeslots for a slightly more adult audience than the typical early evening anime series. Hyper Police ran in a "25:15" timeslot from April to September '97. For reasons which remain unclear, the series was only carried by one major TV station (TV Tokyo), so relatively few Japanese fans actually got to see it. Consequently, the series has gained less recognition than it deserves.

The Hyper Police anime has it all -- action, comedy, romance, gorgeous character artwork by Keiji Gotoh (Nadesico, Gatekeepers), a little fan service... oh, and catgirls! Yuko Miyamura (Natsuki) and Chiyako Shibahara (Sakura) put in some great vocal performances, with Sakura's sultry Osakan growl being particularly impressive. The series has all the ingredients for success in the West, and an English-language release has been long overdue.

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Natsuki & Sakura ready for action!
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