The Hyper Police manga, on which the anime is based, was originally created by the artist MEE (real name Minoru Tachikawa). MEE was born on June 24, 1963 in Yanagawa (Fukuoka Prefecture). He has done a wide range of illustration work for game companies, particularly Alicesoft, as well as creating his own original manga. MEE's longest-running manga work is Kotetsu no Daiboken ('Kotetsu's Great Adventures'), published by Wani Magazine Comics, and which was later made into a two-episode OAV series.

Japanese Edition

The Hyper Police manga first appeared in Feb. 1993, with new installments appearing monthly in Dragon Magazine. The manga series has recently concluded, with a total of ten takoubon volumes published by Dragon Magazine and Kadokawa Shoten.

vol. 1 (1994.10.30)

vol. 2 (1996.3.1)

vol. 3 (1997.1.10)

vol. 4 (1997.9.1)

vol. 5 (1999.5.1)

vol. 6 (Aug. 2000)

vol. 7 (Oct. 2001)

vol. 8 (Aug. 2002)

vol. 9 (May 2003)

vol. 10 (Oct 2004)
Spanish Edition

"Es el año 22 de la era sagrada y la raza humana esta a punto de extinguirse. Según la ley de la naturaleza, los que actualmente dominan la tierra, monstruos y seres mágicos son los que toman las decisiones..."

The Spanish edition of Hyper Police is published by Planeta de Agostini in their Biblioteca Manga range, in a set of seven 96-page squarebound volumes. The covers to the volumes of the Spanish edition are shown below.

Note that the Spanish releases are relatively slim volumes of about half the pagecount of the originals, and only cover up to volume XX of the original Japanese manga. There is no evidence that any more of the Spanish translation will be published.

Thanks to Jose Ramon Sanz for providing cover scans, and Kevin Pack for providing original copies of the Spanish manga. More scans from the manga coming soon! ^_^

vol. 1

vol. 2

vol. 3

vol. 4

vol. 5

vol. 6

vol. 7

English Edition

The long-awaited English-language edition of the Hyper Police manga is currently being published by TokyoPop in graphic novel format. The volumes are unflopped (read right-to-left) and are equivalent in page count to the original Japanese releases, and print quality is generally good. However, despite being badged as "100% Authentic Manga", they lack a number of the premium features of the originals, such as larger page format, dust jackets and full colour frontispieces.

As an aside, the Tokyopop cover art uses the katakana form of 'Haaipaporisu', whereas the original uses the hiragana form at all times as title and logo for the series.

The TokyoPop volumes are available online from and many other major retailers. Click on the cover images to go to the Amazon product pages.

vol. 1

vol. 2

vol. 3

vol. 4

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