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Creator Links

Studio Pierrot - the animators of Hyper Police.
Hyper Police page - Japanese - English

Studio Pierrot - English Language News

Keiji Gotoh's official home page - Japanese language
Fan Links (Japanese)

"Nine Tails" - Hyper Police CG gallery

3DWS - Some good HyperPolice 3DCG
Fan Links (Spanish)
Fan Links (English)

Hyper Police Hentai Doujinshi Project
artists/fanfic authors welcomed! - over 18 only

Patsy's Keiji Gotoh Page
Fansub Sources
Since Hyper Police has been commercially released in the US,
links to fansub sources have been removed.
Other Links

"Produce The Ryuzou Ishino's Pet Song CD Project", by Tommy-kun's seiyuu

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