Hyper Police was adapted into a 25-episode TV series, created by Studio Pierrot for broadcast on TV Tokyo from April to October 1997 in a "25:15" timeslot (i.e. 1:15AM). The series was licensed for English-language distribution in June 2002 by Image Entertainment.

From the original announcement on AnimeOnDVD.Com:-

Newly licensed (04:25 PM EST): The folks at Image Entertainment have made their latest anime license a reality by acquring the much sought after Hyper Police show. According to their site (see link above), the first disc containing 4 episodes will arrive on 08/23/2002 for the low price of $19.99. The disc will have its original Japanese audio soundtrack and English subtitles but will also get an English 5.1 track added to it. More as we find out!

While the Image releases use official character artwork on the DVD covers, the quality of graphic design is poor, and there are no extras or DVD inserts to speak of. The cover tagline "Super Crime Fighters in the Future" is worthy of a bargain-bin kiddy-vid. I intend to make replacement DVD cover artwork available for download as time permits.

volume 1
[episodes 1-4]
volume 2
[episodes 5-8]
volume 3
[episodes 9-12]
volume 4
[episodes 13-16]
volume 5
[episodes 17-20]

volume 6
[episodes 21-25]


The Hyper Police anime episode guide is currently under construction.


sung by Aya

Kimeru made wa hanasanai GOOD BOY
Kono miroyoku wo wakaraseru TAKE A CHANCE
Koi wo irodoru no wa
Itsumo THRILL na kakehiki ne
Maiagaru yo takaku tooku dareyorimo
Watashi ga ichiban datte, kizuitara hayaku, hayaku
Toki wo koete dakishimete
Hanarenai itsumademo eien mo ari kamone
I won't let you go until I finish, GOOD BOY
I'll let you realize my charm, TAKE A CHANCE
What beautifies love is...
...thrilling gambles all the time.
Let's soar higher and farther than anyone else
When you've realised I'm the best, hurry up! Hurry up!
Give me a hug beyond time.
We'll never be apart. Eternity is believable, isn't it?

Transliteration/translation by 3NA/Central Anime (Kansas). Thanks to Jimaku Animation.


HEY HOLD UP! (4.0MB MP3, 4'14")
sung by Yuko Miyamura and Chiyako Shibahara

Dakara itta janai / yabai yokan to
Itsumo kiki ipatsu / yomeiri mae nanoni /
Koi shiteru hima mo arya shinai /
THRILL atta ja nai / Kekka ALLRIGHT /
Ashita W DATE / Tanoshimi ni shitenasai /
Kaeri ni Esthe ni yoranakya /
Ai wa kitto taiko kara /
Tsutaerareta /
Furui furui furui mahou /
Tsukaikata wo machigaeta waru domo niwa /
Sekaijuu / Hohoemi ni /
Afuredasu toki made /
Dokomademo / Gekisen wa tuzuiteku /
Kyo mo ashita mo.
That's why I told you, that I had a bad feeling
We're always in a pinch / I haven't experienced married life /
There's no time for falling in love /
It was thrilling, wasn't it? / The result was all right /
Tomorrow, we'll double-date / Look forward to it /
We've got to stop at an esthetic saloon /
From the ancient times, love has been... /
...handed down as... / old, old, old magic. /
Against those scum who would misuse it /
All over the world / Smiles will... /
...fill. Until then... /
No matter how far it is / the great battle will continue /
Even today and tomorrow.

Transliteration/translation by 3NA/Central Anime (Kansas). Thanks to Jimaku Animation.

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